Creating Dreams Foundation roots began in 2008 when a local community member, Balal Hussain, passed away at the age of 23. Each year a group of dedicated young people in the local community would come together to hand out food to the local community. It quickly grew from helping people locally to globally.

After several years of handing out food to the local community, it was eventually decided that setting up Creating Dreams Foundation would be the best way to not only help the local community to be charitable and involved in charity, but to make a difference to those who needed one form of aid or another wherever they may be. They were determined to make a difference, determined to give hope to the lives of those affected by poverty and suffering across the world.

It has since maintained its grassroots, community and volunteer led approach allowing it to engage with people from every kind of community, race, creed and religion, making a difference locally and globally. It remains dependent upon people like you, our donors, our community members and volunteers to make it happen.

As such at CDF, the culture of dialogue that we seek to put forward is one of ‘Creating’. We are constantly deliberating on questions such as: how we can create better living conditions; how we can create the necessary solutions for much needed medical assistance; or how we can create sustainable food models in developing countries.

We do not believe we can eradicate poverty; however, we aim to find solutions that will work in real life situations with real people through innovation and action. We want to reduce the obstacles that these people face and help create an environment where people can start living in hope rather than desperation; an environment where they can not only dream of leading a normal life but also achieving great things.

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