The Bangladesh Winter Blanket Project in the winter of 2018/19 was in collaboration with Lighting Lives UK, who helped massively by implementing everything.

Creating Dreams Foundation and Lighting Lives UK are dedicated to a fast action plan, delivering blankets in impoverished areas of Bangladesh.

The donations have gone towards blankets which will help keep vulnerable children, women, and elderly warm. The blankets are currently being distributed by volunteers on the ground.

In total £1,749 was raised.

333 winter blankets were distributed.

The blankets were delivered across 10 districts (Mugol Gaw, Nowagaw, Lamapara, Kalir Gaw, Rajar Gaw, Hadarpaw and Guingat, Nowabroad, Bagbari Koloni, Gobindogonj).

100’s of young, elderly and vulnerable were helped in the process.