The Creating Dreams Foundation Brings Clean Water to Bangladesh

The Creating Dreams Foundation Brings Clean Water to Bangladesh

The Creating Dreams Foundation has been making a difference in their local and global communities for more than 10 years. The charitable organization was founded in memory of Balal Hussain and strives to involve young people in improving the world around them. Through a variety of charitable projects and partnership, the Creating Dreams Foundation has improved the lives of many across the world. The foundation has grown quickly over the last several years as their mission to serve poor and underprivileged communities sparked involvement from a variety of people and organizations.

One of the Creating Dreams Foundation’s latest projects involved building a water pump in Bangladesh. The households who live in village have never had reliable access to safe drinking water and lived in difficult conditions because of the lack of access. Clean water is an amenity most of us take for granted, however many people lack this basic necessity. The new water wells built by the Creating Dreams Foundation now provide safe and clean water to the men, women, and children of the village in Bangladesh. The wells are also easily accessible from the nearby roads, so passersby can benefit from the clean water as well. 

Volunteers lay bricks for the new water pump in Bangladesh.


Drinking water may not sound like much if you can access it anytime you need it. However, for populations living in poverty or those unable to find clean drinking water, it is vital. Humans need an average of 20 to 50 liters of water per day. We use it to stay hydrated, cook, clean, and bathe regularly. If water is polluted, it carries millions of harmful bacteria that can be deadly. Citizens of developing nations can quickly contract diseases and suffer greatly if they do not have access to potable water. Sick adults cannot perform at their jobs and earn an income and sick children cannot attend school. Polluted water affects all aspects of a community and causes serious harm.


Members of the Creating Dreams Foundation stand around the finished water well.


Bangladesh has a high population density and at least four million people lack access to safe drinking water. The country has a total population of 160 million people, and more than half of the population does not have improved sanitation. Half of the water consumed in Bangladesh does not meet safety standards and diseases that come from water are widespread throughout the country. The Creating Dreams Foundation has focused their attention on improving access to clean water in Bangladesh. The charity knows they cannot solve all of the world’s problems, but they work hard to do the best they can and make a difference. The water wells built in Bangladesh by the Creating Dreams Foundations have already improved the lives of dozens of local villagers. Children can now safely drink water from the well. Adults can cook with the clean water and use it to clean and improve sanitation.


Children from the local village enjoy clean water from the new water pump.


More projects like the water pumps by the Creating Dreams Foundation are necessary to improve living conditions and overall health in countries like Bangladesh. The Creating Dreams Foundation need people like you to “give a little, change a lot.” Donations of any amount can contribute greatly to future water pump projects. Dedicated volunteers provide their time and money to building clean water systems for underprivileged populations. If you are able to contribute to the charitable organization in any way, your donation is greatly appreciated. Make a one-time donation or set up a monthly donation through a variety of methods at


The finished water pump will provide clean drinking water to villagers in Bangladesh for years to come.


The Creating Dreams Foundation endeavors to provide clean water to needy areas and they need the help of local and global community members to make this mission a reality. They also sponsor orphans, support schools in poor regions, provide healthcare projects, and create income generating activities to sustain the foundation. Creating better living conditions is one of the core goals of the charity, and you can be a part of the mission to improve drinking water conditions.